Therapy Service

Munas Heart Nursing Recovery from an accident or illness that disables the way your body functions can be frustrating. It impairs you to connect with your family in a physical manner. It makes it difficult to complete your regular daily tasks.

Munas Heart Nursing is specialized in in-home physical therapy and has well-experienced physical therapists that will guide you to your optimum recovery. We provide our in-home physical therapy services across the entire state of Maryland, allowing you to get the professional help you need.

Our physical therapists are the best in their field and have helped so many in-home healthcare patients over the years. We can assure you of the security and comfort Munas Heart Nursing physical therapists provide in the privacy of your own home. Our caring and skilled team can help you regain mobility, improve body functions, and gain your independence back.

Our in-home physical therapy aids patients through:

  • Regaining muscle strength and functional mobility
  • Improving their range of motion
  • Improving balance
  • Prosthetic training
  • Providing home safety evaluation
    And more

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